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William Sweetlove invades the airport of Montevideo

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William Sweetlove

William Sweetlove studeerde plastische kunsten in Gent. Hij werd reeds heel vroeg in zijn carrière bekroond met grote prijzen.
In 1998 sluit William Sweetlove aan bij het Noord Italiaanse kunstcollectief “The Cracking Art Group”. Dit resulteert in een eerste uitzonderlijke samenwerking: Cracking Art loves William Sweetlove.
De naam “Cracking Art” ontleent de groep aan het door de kunstenaars gebruikte basismateriaal. Het basismateriaal waarmee gewerkt wordt is afkomstig van aardolie, een fossiel materiaal, ontstaan uit planten en natuurlijke resten. Door het moleculair kraken van het fossiele materiaal (cracking down) krijg je synthetische afgeleiden. PVC, plastiek, polyester en harsen. Door met deze materialen te werken ontstaat een fossiele kunst die biologisch niet afbreekbaar is, en die dus voor eeuwig kan blijven bestaan.


Met een statement waar je niet naast kan kijken, slaagt William Sweetlove erin op zijn eigen joviale manier de wereld attent te maken op ecologievraagstukken en recycleert/kloont hiervoor bergen plastiek en brons. Dieren zetten een mens aan het denken.
Anne Van Beversluys


Temporality and eternity are two concepts that increasingly compete in my work.
I have always been interested in fossils, which I define as the residues of history. The problem
these days is that fossils don’t have to be conserved anymore: everyone conserves what they
consider important and this includes thinking, which I call “fossil thinking”.
What do I consider a fossil in art? I make sculptures in plastic, resin, polyurethane; all of these are
synthetic products made from petroleum, itself a natural, organic fossil. When we crack the
molecules of petroleum we produce hydrocarbons – gasoline, diesel fuel, oils, benzene. When
petroleum products are burned they generate pollution and help to cause global warming.
Ethane and propane distilled from petroleum are the basic material for the production of
plastics, polyesters, nylon – all the products we need for everyday life. What is the basic
problem? All of these products are here for eternity as fossils; nothing can destroy them. In the
past, the human race simply burned them causing pollution and much more. My message is
that we must recycle them and invest in the technology to do so. We will need them in the
future. When we no longer have petroleum, we won’t have any more synthetics.
If climate change continues, the problems will just get worse. As an artist, I try to find solutions.
Darwin taught us that creatures must adapt to their changing environment in order to survive.
Today, the pace of change is so rapid that organisms do not have time to evolve and so they
die out. If temperatures in the African continent were to rise by five degrees Celsius, elephants
would die out so I am cloning them to smaller versions. Soon there will be too much sea water in
the world but not enough drinking water, so I put boots on my dogs, give water bottles to the
penguins and put back-packs on cloned frogs to give them some support.
The best way to keep the audience awake is not to preach but to turn the seats around.
“Standing out” is the message. I use mainly the primary colors: red, yellow and blue. Sometimes
I use colors in between but the primary colors stand out the most (a brown beast in a green
environment would have limited visual impact).
My favorite color red, for example, indicates more interpretation of everything as if the essence
of the work suddenly becomes more valuable.
Some of my recent works are made of recycled bronze. Not the pure, fancy stuff, with which I
have problems anyway – in the end, it’s just metal. I want to minimize that “rich” material so I just
throw a blob of paint over their heads.
Climate change is the basis of my research. I have always been inspired by the concept of art
not busy with aesthetics but where social, political and ecological issues are involved. I am not
a “green” individual and politics leave me cold, but I want to leave a message behind me in the
world without polluting her.



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januari 2012
Diego & Laura Montero - La Barra
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Bertoni - Punta del Este
Januari 2012
Pueblo Garzon (Alium)


VIDEO: William SWEETLOVE in Uruguay @ Montevideo Carrasco airport

William Sweetlove in het Augustijnenklooster te Gent

Welcome to the William Sweetlove Tabloid



El País Digital
‘Sweetlove es un artista belga que llevó el mensaje ecológico al aeropuerto.’

"Mis obras no necesitan estar en un museo elitista"

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